Pool Plastering FAQs

Q: Does my Pool need to be re-plastered?
A: There are many reasons why a pool should be re-plastered. The best answer we can give is to have a plaster professional come and give you some honest advice.

Q: What is the process of re-plastering my pool?
A: The 1st step is draining the water, then the pool must be prepped for plaster. This involves cutting and chipping away all fittings and tile, applying a heavy acid wash, and then a bond coat to improve bonding of new plaster. The next day the plaster is shot and troweled smooth and the water is started.

Q: I think my pool is painted, does that matter?
A: Yes it does, the pool has to be sandblasted. The reason for this is neither the bond coat or plaster will bond to pool paint.

Q: Do you remove all the original plaster?
A: No, with all the new bonding techniques and all the advances made in bond coat systems the complete removal of original plaster or axing the surface is not necessary, or cost efficient.

Q: If, I have to re-plaster my pool, do I have a choice in the type of material and color to use?
A: Yes, as a matter of fact there are so many choices it can be kind of confusing. There are various types of marble aggregate, quartz aggregate, and pebble aggregate in a variety of colors to choose from. Our professions can work with you to ensure you get the style that you want.

Q: What is aggregate?
A: Aggregate is the material in cement products that the cement bonds to, creating the strength and durability of the product.

Q: What is an exposed aggregate pool finish? Is it more expensive?
A: An exposed aggregate pool finish where the aggregate is brought to the surface and exposed for durability, and strength. Majority of exposed aggregates surface require acid washing after plaster and cost more, due to a more expensive process.

Q: What is a pebble aggregate pool finish? Is it more expensive?
A: Pebble pool finishes use pebbles or rocks for aggregate and is one of the most durable finishes on the market. Pebble surfaces are applied in the same manner as other surfaces, but are exposed by water, then the surface sits for a day to minimize loss of rock or pebbles. We then acid wash and fill the pool.

Q: What kind of materials are used in white and color plaster?
A: Our White Plaster contains the highest quality white marble aggregate, along with white Portland cement and special polymers for improved strength and durability. The only difference between white and color plasters is black or green marble aggregate with cement colors added per customers request. Various colored Quartz aggregate can be added to accent white or color plaster also.

Q: How long will it take to do the job?
A: Typical re-plaster should take no longer than 3-4 days, weather permitting. Of course, re-plaster jobs that also involve a other services may take a little longer(tile, coping, deck, crack repair, etc….)

Q: How long until we can swim in the pool?
A: We recommend along with the National Plaster Council, National Spa & Pool Institute, that you wait until the startup process is finished.

Q: Do I have to brush my pool after I get it plastered?
A: Yes, this is one of the most important steps in starting new plaster off on the right foot. We recommend 3-4 times daily for 2-weeks or until you plaster stops clouding up after brushing. Of course you will need to keep your equipment filtering for 24-hours a day for 2-weeks or longer. This also means more frequent back washing of the filter system. Don’t forget to recharge your filter with filter medium(D.E., Sand).

Q: Do I need to Retile my pool?
A: If the tile is hollow or has grout missing, it is recommend that you either get all new tile or repair the hollowed tile and old grouted areas to prevent leaking. Once again the best thing to do is to hire a professional to give you advice.

Q: If a Retile is not necessary, how do you plaster flush under the tile, like the original plaster job?
A: To keep the original tile we first cut at a 45 degree angle into the plaster right at the bottom of the tile line. Then take a chisel and hammer and chip the plaster down from the bottom of tile.

Q: I don’t think I have coping, just a deck that extends over the edge of my pool, can I replace it with coping?
A: This is commonly known as a cantilever deck, meaning there is no coping stone or brick, just a concrete deck over your tile line. Yes, it is suggested you cut deck off 1 foot back and replace with coping. You should do this before any major cracking begins( this only applies to those who live in an area with heavy ground movement).

Q: I don’t have a chemical service, what do I need to do, to keep my pool balanced?
A: We recommend you go get yourself a test kit, and test you water once a week, twice a week during heavy swimming season. We provided these figures for your convenience.

Chlorine: 1.5 to 3.0 ppm
pH: 7.2 to 7.8
Total Alkali: 80 to 120ppm
Total Calcium: 200 to 450ppm
Cyanuric Acid: 40 to 60ppm
Total Dissolved Solids: Under 100ppm
For finishes other than white plaster, home owner needs to refer to manufacturers specification.

Q: Does my pool equipment (filter,heater, pump,etc…) need to be upgraded or modernized?
A: There are many ways to upgrade your pool equipment. There are a few things we like to stress, if you have any copper pipes, pump heads, valves, or pool fittings they need to be replaced. Copper mixed with certain chemicals in pool water cause plaster staining. A new filter and pump can improve filtration and circulation saving you money on chemicals.

Q: Can you add a spa to my existing pool?
A: Yes, a spa can be added to your existing pool. Davidson Custom Pool Plastering & Remodeling can also change an existing spa to fit your needs, if you don’t want a spa but decide you need a play area for the kids or a relaxing fountain, that can also be done.

Q: Can you add a waterfall to my existing pool?
A: Yes, there are many different waterfall layouts and rock choices to choose from. Call DAVIDSON CUSTOM POOL PLASTERING & REMODELING, for details.


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